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  • Large private cozy suites with in floor heat, raised cots, stainless steel dishes, and an attached potty patio.


  • Personalized meal preperation (we cater to all types of food)


  • Twice daily (or more if needed) house cleaning


  • Personalized program plan for each guest


  • 3-5 hours supervised social or individual play in our securely fenced acre+ bark park


  • 30 min-1 hour woodland hike (off leash or on) EVERY day (walks customized to each dogs needs)


  • Swimming both on the walk and inground pool at the resort


  • Daily nose to toes wellness inspection


  • one on one cuddles and tuck in at end of day


  • Videos posted daily of guest's activities


  • FREE experienced medicine dispensing 


  • Basic grooming services (bath, brush,nails and ear cleaning) available at extra cost (only available monday to thursday)


  • Transport to vets or groomer $20/trip


  • Behavioral problems assessed and addressed


  • Social guidance  


  • Multi pet discounts




(Credit Card info or payment in full must be given to reserve a room, please see cancellation policies) 


One dog      $30 
Two Shared  $45
Two seperate $50 
Three Shared $55
three seperate $70
**Intact dogs (not spayed or neutered) over the age of 8 months as well as any dog (even if neutered) that urine marks indoors or is a problematic humper is an additional $5/day.  As well dogs that are aggressive and/or can not be put in a group for safety reasons are also now $5/day additional. This applies for daycare and boarding.
One Dog          $40                        
Two shared     $60                  
Three Shared   $70        
two seperate    $65          
three seperate  $95          
*contact for 4 dogs
 Cat Boarding
weekly boarding available November to April only
1 Cat                  $25/night         $150/week       
2 Cats shared      $35/night    $210/week            
3 Cats shared      $45/night    $270/week   
Sm. caged pets
rabbits $15/night            $90/week
hamptster or like $5/night  $30/week 
Spa Services (only available to guests)
Full Groom (Bath, brush out, nails & ears)
Small      $55-65
Medium  $70-80
Large      $95-105
XL           $120-235
Bath/Brush out
small      $30-40
medium  $55-65
large      $80-90
xl            $120-130
Just Nails  $20
Cat Grooming
Nails/Brush out      $50+
Nails/Brush/Bath   $80+
Nails/Lion Clip        $100+
Massage  $30 for 30 minutes
Sound therapy $30 for 30 minutes
Red light therapy $30 for 10 min

*Prices increase for matted or dangerous dogs 




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services and prices
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