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Each pet has spacious suite (no cages here) with attached run.Rooms are 64sq for the big dogs and 32sq for small dogs and 16sq for cats/sm. Pets. Each room has a wooden bed with foam mattress and stainless steel dishes (pets welcome to bring their own beds/crates-especially if they are chewers). The cat suites have a bed, a shelf for lounging, a litter box, a hanging toy, dishes and a window seat. The building is cooled by cross ventilation of fresh mountain air and is heated with in-floor heat. Our indoor playroom has a treadmill (so we never have to miss a walk), Kong toys, sofa and bench and is covered with rubber mats for maximum traction. There is also a TV for educational programs (and the occasional Disney movie).

Our Play Pen is approximately 15000sq and houses our agility course, a small pool, anda gazebo.

Our Bark Park is an acre+ and also has jumps, tunnels, a tuggy station, a med pool, benches, and a wooded area.

Our walking trails go in every direction for 300 acres and include several swimming holes.

Sunday, September 24, 2023
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