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I was born on a dairy farm and raised by a pack of Newfs. I have spent my entire life in the presence of animals and they have taught me invaluable life lessons. Though a lot of people would never believe it, I spoke very little as a child. I was very shy and spent all of my time with the animals who never needed verbal communication. They didn't expect anything from me, yet they gave me so much. I learned that body language was universal and that I could communicate wordlessly with all animals. I also learnt the specific body language of each species, although dogs and horses are my speciality. I learned to work with the animals, not against nature.

I learned how to nurse sick animals using age old remedies and later I learned modern western medicine while job shadowing a local vet for several years. In college I went on to get my Animal Sciences Degree. Animal care was not something I learned, but rather something I lived.

From as early as anyone can remember I rescued animals. My grandfather had a heck of a time getting sick kittens away from me (we had a population problem as it was).  Then I moved on to dogs and horses, and soon had a collection of misfit critters. As soon as I was able, I became a volunteer investigator for the SPCA and then a foster home.

I started training animals by the age of 7 and was paid to do so by the age of 10. My how much I have learnt since those early days!

After 6 happy years trimming cows hooves with my husband I was injured on the job and had to give it up. My therapist recommended I find something safer and less physical as I would probably never have full use of my leg again. And so I began the idea of Patch of Heaven. I proved my therapists wrong and went on to a full recovery.I designed and built this resort myself (with help from family, friends and a few professionals). I designed and implemented a resort experience that caters specifically to health and well being of pets (not to the whims of their owners). It was very important to me that this be a place where dogs come to be dogs, to relax and get away from the pressures of the human world. It is just a bonus that it gives their owners a chance to get away also. And I consider it my duty to help owners understand their pet so they can live in mutual respect.

When your pet stays at Patch of Heaven, they are my pets until you come back and I give them every bit the same love and care as I do my own 20 odd furry family members.

Sunday, September 24, 2023
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