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I've always said that Angels come in all shapes and sizes and in the case of Patch of Heaven; the Angel is a 5'2"ish blonde bundle of wonderful! As part of the process of moving to the Annapolis Valley from Alberta, my husband and I found it necessary to set up house in our tent trailer while waiting to take possession of our new home. On the surface, 5 weeks of camping seemed like a great idea - a chance for a wonderful adventure for us and our 2 Beagles, Sophie & Hailey. Even though Mother Nature hit us with an unseasonable cold snap which did a 180 turn into swealtering heat and treated us to torrents of rain that just about turned the trailer into an ark, the girls were quite happy romping around our site on their long leads for the first few days, however, when Friday rolled around and the weekend campers began to arrive, Hailey became confused by the sudden increase in the surrounding activity level and overwhelmed by the intensity of all the new smells of people, cooking and other animals.

We called Patch of Heaven, where Chantelle graciously allowed us to bring Hailey over right away and she took her in for the rest of the weekend.  Then Sophie's nose was out of joint, because she didn't get to go whereever it was the Hailey disappeared to. So, for the balance of our campground stay, we would spend our weekdays together and then bring both girls to Patch of Heaven for the weekend, where they would romp and play and enjoy their time with their new furry friends while we would shop or have fun or explore our new surroundings, worry-free.




Thank you, Chantelle. 

We all look forward to a long and happy relationship.

Karen Taylor,





Greenwood, NS



Patch of Heaven Pet Resort is just that, a resort in a little patch of heaven. Our 1 1/2 year old border collie, Melo, attends daycare there twice a week and he loves evry second of it. When he was a puppy he was very timid and would hide under whatever he could fit under when he was around other puppies who loved to rough house, so we decided that he needed a controlled enviroment where he could learn to interact with other dogs. We searched the Annapolis valley for the right place to take him to and visited several kennels, but they did not meet the high standards that we had set for our timid puppy Melo to go to. After a thorough search we came accross Patch Of Heaven and booked apre-board tour right away and after seeing the facilities as well as the huge spaces the dogs had to raom we knew that our search was over. Melo now loves to play with other dogs and has learned several tricks, such as bow and jumping through hoops, courtesy of Chantelle. Melo comes home a very happy and content dog every time, thank you Chantell for all that you have done.

Stephanie White

Cambridge Station, NS

Sunday, September 24, 2023
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