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  • All dogs must have at least one full set of core vaccinations (or recent Titer results) and have a clean bill of health.  Core vaccines include rabies, parvo, distemper, hepatitis.  Bordettela (kennel cough) vaccine is NOT required and if you choose to get it please quarantine your dog for 2 weeks afterward. We will not accept dogs before that time as they can then shed the virus to other guests.
  • If you must use another daycare/boarding facility we require there be a two week quarantine between there and coming here to prevent any possible spread of disease.(we do follow each other's pages and know when our clients go elsewhere so please be honest)

  • At check in/out please wait your turn if there is already someone here.  Please wait in your car until the person ahead leaves or we come out to get you.  This is to keep everyone safe-not all guests are friendly

  • All pets must have nails cut prior to comming OR I can do it at a cost of $10-20

  • All dogs must be free of fleas and other parasites

  • All dogs should be registered with their county and wearing tags with contact info.

  • Dogs aged 8 weeks and up are welcome.

  • We do accept intact dogs (male and female) but can not accept females in heat. There is an additonal fee of $5/day per dog for intact dogs as well as any dog that displays mounting behavior or marking urine inside even if neutered. (If your dog comes into heat during their stay there is an additional $10/day fee as we will have to house her at our home to avoid chaos at the resort.)
  • Payment must be made in full or credit card info given at time of reservation.

  • Payment is not refundable for early check out 

  • All dogs must have collars

  • Any pets that mind the cold should bring coats

  • Any damage that occurs as a direct result of your dogs stay must be paid for by owner (see Damage costs sheet) WE ARE NOT ABLE TO CATER TO DESTRUCTIVE DOGS Our rooms are gyprock and wood-not suitable for chewers.

  • Dogs who are normally crated should bring crate

  • Please notify us if you must (due to unforseen emergancy) be late for pick-up

  • Check out time is 11:30 am, if the dog is not picked up by this time a daycare charge ($10) will apply.  If not picked up by 5:30pm owner will pay for another night ($40) even if we are unable to provide a room.  PLEASE PLAN TRAVEL ACCORDINGLY


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