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Welcome to Patch of Heaven Pet Resort! We are a 5 star resort where a dog can come play hard and rest easy, where a cat can lounge around and safely tease the dogs and all other critters can come relax while their owners are away.
Situated on a private and very scenic hobby farm on the south mountain, we really are a little patch of heaven on earth. Our resort boasts the most active, all inclusive inside and out care for the body mind and soul.

Let your pet come relax and let the pressures of a human dominated world slip away, here we understand dogs are dogs, cats are cats, etc.

And for our human clients, find out the benifits of having a tired, content pet. Daycare can cure barking, chewing, running away and hyper activity. Every dog who stays will learn leash manners, how to "wait" at a door, and how to be social. I will educate you on how to communicate with your pet and understand them better. There are no issues that we won't tackle! EVERY pet is welcome here.



After 10 years of business there are some changes happening.   

As of Janunary 1, 2019 we will only be open some weekends
Dates are as follows
June 29/30th (Canada Day Weekend)
July 13/14th 
July 27/28th 
August 3/4th
August 17/18th
August 31st-1st of sept
September 14/15th
October 26/27th
November 23/24th
December 14/15th and 21/22nd (CLOSED Dec 23-26)
January 4/5th and 18/19th
February 1/2nd, 15/16th and 29th-1st march
March 15/15th and 22/23rd
Other weekends will be determined by January 2020 
As well as all weekdays of course  

For those loyal clients who still wish to board with us for longer stays, we suggest having family or friends pick up the pet friday afternoon to keep for the weekend and return it to us monday.  
I know this sucks for a lot of my loyal clients.  Please understand that I LOVE my job (caring for and working with your pets) but need a break from 24/7 on call 365 days a year.  If a suitable employee comes along I will reconsider going back to full time in the future.  But for now I will enjoy having my time and property back to share with my family on saturdays and sundays 
Thank you for the wonderful support over the years!  
I will keep the website and Facebook page updated as we work out the finer details. 


Check us out on Facebook and YouTube!  Daily videos of walks and play time are posted on our Facebook page and instructional training videos can be found on our YouTube channel.



Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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